Q & A

Q: What do we have to care for during our traveling period in Viet Nam?

A: There are some troubles like:

  • Traffic: In Viet Nam there are 96 million people, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh are the 2 biggest cities. and of course the most crowded with motorbike. Everytime we go around the old town or go cross the road we should be careful especially in rush hour. Mortobike can go on the side-walk, if we go cross the road, we should move slowly and raise our hand up, don’t look the phone or maps while cross the road.
  • Pick pocket: every time we go out for a walk, go to crowded place we should be careful and pay attention with out belong in like: wallet, phone, camera…because some bad guys can pick pocket and steal yours.
  • Motorbike/ Car taxi: not at all but there are some drivers try to cheat money from tourists and local people by bring their guests very long distance ( instead for short way/ shortcut) and charge very expensive to make profit. That why we should book motorbike/ car taxi at the hotel or travel agency. They can insure the safe for you. If you book by your self, please download App: UBER or GRAP BIKE and book with fit price, insure 100% safe for you. However, this type of service only in some big cities in Viet Nam like: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang.
  • Price: if we go shopping in the market (fit price in supermarket), or buying something normally the seller will charge quite expensive price ( it is not only for tourists but also vietnamese). That why we should make a deal before we buy. About 70% price of product, we can buy.
  • Dog meat or Cat meat: they are favorite food of many many vietnamese people in the city and countryside. and there are many restaurant sell dog or cat meat along Viet Nam especially Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. Dog Meat in Vietnamese is CHÓ and Cat in vietnamese is MÈO. so lucky if the restaurant sells dog or cat, they only sell only dog or cat. If in front of the restaurant writes Cho or Meo. we should stay away. good luck!
  • Street food: street food in Vietnam is very tasty and well-known. However, there are many restaurants do not ensure hygiene and food safety, some restaurants use chemical to clean spoiled food. If we eat too much, maybe we will get cancer in the future. So we recommend you should choose restaurants have good reveiws on Trip Advisor or look clean.
  • Visa: You want to travel longer in Viet Nam but your visa is running out of date. You can ask for visa extansion it takes about 5 to 6 days working ( not saturday and sunday). depend on Nationality, price will be different, about 50 usd to 90 usd. visa extansion is at least 2 week to 1 month.
  • Sim card: to be easy for your family and friends to contact during time you travel in Viet Nam, we recommend you buy a Vietmese sim card Viettel or Vina Phone. you can sign data to access internet everytime, everywhere you want.
  • Vietnamese money: there are many numbers zero. we can seprate them over there size or color. Bill is made by paper is small value: 2.000 vnd, 5.000 vnd, made by plastic is more valueable: 10.000 vnd (0,5 usd), 20.000 vnd ( about 1 usd), 50.000 vnd (2 usd), 100.000 vnd (5 usd)…rate is around 22.400 to 22.800 vnd for 1 usd.

Q: How is weather in Vietnam?

A: In Viet Nam the weather in North is different in South. North of Viet Nam there are 4 seasons. Summer is very hot and humit around 35 to 42 degree C, there are some storms and heavy rain sometimes also. summer begins in june to october. Autum and Spring are quite short. Winter is around 6 to 19 degree from december to april, in mountainous area will be much colder some places only 0 to 3 degree C. In South of Viet Nam there are 2 seasons: dry and rainy, rainy season is from mid April to November, it rains in the evening, day time sometimes, November to April is dry season, hot and humid. So we should bring sun cream and sun glasses with us.

Q: How is malaria in Viet Nam?

A: Viet Nam is a tropical country, hot, humid and lots of rain. That why lots of mosquito can grow up in summer. However, tourist destination we offer to you is safe and no malaria, they are managed well by the local authority, if we travel to Viet Nam in summer, you should bring spray for mosquito when we do hiking in the forest.

Q: Do you offer another service beside organising tour?

A: Yes, we do, we offer every tourist service to tourist like: bus, train, air ticket to everywhere in Viet Nam.

Q: Can we organise trip by our self and rent your transportation and guide?

A: Yes, it is possible, we will send you detail of rental car and guide. We will organise local guide in location you are traveling to.

Q: How can we pay for trip if we book online?

A: If you book online for trip, please transfer 20% value of the trip. we will send you electronic receipt and itinerary over email or whatsApp, Til you come to Viet Nam, we pay the rest in our office before starting the trip.

Q: Can i do visa over Internet? How can i do?

Q: Where you shoun’t miss to travel in Viet Nam?